Covert Park and Mount Bonnell

Covert Park and Mount Bonnell are located in the heart of the Austin Metropolitan Area. Covert Park is a nine-acre park with grassy areas perfect for picnics and outdoor games. The park also has two ponds, one of which features an island with a gazebo. If you're feeling more adventurous there's even a small rope course! Come explore this beautiful green space at the top of Mount Bonnell—you won't be disappointed.

History of Covert Park and Mount Bonnell

Covert Park at Mount Bonnell was originally part of a farm owned by early settlers to Austin named James Covert and his wife Ellen. In the late 1850s, the land on which the park is now located had been leased out for use as a dairy farm. By 1885 Mr. Covert’s widow began selling some of the lands to developers who built a subdivision called Forest Hills. In 1932, Mrs. Covert sold 12 acres around what is now known as Mount Bonnell for $4250 - quite a bit of money at that time! The developer allowed access to the public via trails on his property and eventually, in 1935, he donated it back to Travis County for the establishment of a park.

Trails to explore

  1. The Covert Park Trail (0.43 mile) – This trail is a beautiful flat hike that leads to the top of Mount Bonnell and offers great views of Lake Austin, downtown Austin, and more! From this trail, you can also connect with other trails via The Upper Loop or Lower Loop Trails which take hikers through even more beautiful scenery and lead to the bottom of Mount Bonnell.
  2. Lake Loop Trail (0.51 mile) – This trail is a beautiful flat hike that leads hikers around Lake Austin. It’s perfect for those looking for an easy walk or bike ride, as well as those who want to see some great views of Lake Austin.
  3. Mount Bonnell Trail (0.47 mile) – This trail takes hikers to the top of Mount Bonnell, which is about 700 feet above lake level and offers some pretty incredible views! From this viewpoint, you can see downtown's skyline as well as Lake Austin in all its glory! There are also a few picnic tables at the summit, so pack your lunch and enjoy!
  4. Lake Trail (0.16 mile) – This trail is located around Lake Austin and features beautiful views of downtown Austin as well as the surrounding areas. It’s an easy flat trail that is great for all levels of hiker.

Mount Bonnell has a rich history that you can discover just by taking a walk around it. You'll be able to see some old rock walls and remnants from its early days as well as beautiful views out over Lake Travis! If you want to learn more about this incredible location, there are plaques with information on the walls of Covert Park.

Covert Park at Mount Bonnell is located at 3800 Mt. Bonnell Dr, Austin, TX 78704, and is open from dawn to dusk every day! Come visit one of our favorite parks in the heart of the Austin Metropolitan Area!

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