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Flake Epoxy Flooring Austin, TX

Who says you can't get a terrazzo-like outlook without getting those popular but expensive decorative flooring? Unlike many other flooring types that are difficult to repair and require high maintenance, there is a better cost-effective option that gives you the same result. Flake Epoxy Flooring is one decorative flooring that is beautiful and durable. With the installation of this concrete coating, you will experience a new aesthetic look on your concrete floor with an epoxy flake floor system in place. 

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Over the years, ATX Epoxy Flooring has been in the business of industrial and commercial concrete installation of different kinds. We have built a reputation with customers by offering quality and professional services.   

We provide industrial and commercial flooring solutions to our customers, and one of such installations we carry out is decorative flake epoxy flooring. This flooring type is strong and durable with a beautiful appearance, plus it can be customized to suit your facility type and other custom formulations. Call us today if you need our services, and we will be glad to help. 

How Flake Epoxy is Installed

Installation of Flake Epoxy follows a simple process. First, the substrates to be used must be prepared. They should be clean and free of contaminants that can affect the resins. And also, the concrete should be curated for at least 30 days before the installation date.  

The next step is applying a 100% primer/base coat is applied on the concrete substrate before broadcasting the flakes. You can choose to do a partial or full broadcast to cover the whole surface, leaving no visible wet spots.  

Before applying the protective wet coat, which is the last process, if there are any excess flakes, they will be scraped and removed. You can use a floor scraper or a drywall knife.  

Finally, it's time to apply the topcoat. A polyaspartic 85 is applied using a flat blade to spread evenly on the surface. The surface should be ready to walk in the next4 hours but avoid putting heavy furniture on it for the next 3-7 days. 

  • Garage floor
  • Hospitals 
  • Commercial Kitchen 
  • Kitchen 
  • Locker rooms 
  • Slippery concrete floors


  • Food and Beverage manufacturing industry 
  • Laundromats 
  • Restaurants 
  • Churches 
  • Bars 
  • Showrooms 

Available Colors of Flake Epoxy

The amazing thing about these decorative flakes is that they are designed to add beauty and an alluring appearance to the concrete surface. And with dozens of colors for base epoxy coatings, creativity is not limited. They come in various sizes, designs, and dozens of beautiful colors for the base epoxy flakes/chips that can be easily customized according to taste. With epoxy, you can get creative and carve out unique designs by pairing different colors adjacent to each other, mixing and matching them for your desired effect. 

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At ATX Epoxy Flooring, we have been installing commercial epoxy flooring for over 10 years. If you're looking for local professionals, give us a call today

ATX Epoxy Flooring for Commercial & Industrial Spaces

Installing a gorgeous floor finish makes your home or business place more aesthetically appealing, and with flake epoxy floor coatings, experience a glossy and polished appearance. If you are planning on getting a flake epoxy floor, we are here to help at ATX Epoxy Flooring; allow us to give you cutting-edge floor covering solutions for your commercial epoxy flooring and industrial epoxy flooring. Call us today to get started. 

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