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Restaurant and Kitchen Floor Epoxy

Bars, Restaurants and especially kitchens benefit greatly from commercial epoxy flooring. Food and drink facilities are expected to be safe, clean and easy to maintain. More importantly, they should have the unique aesthetic appeal that can distinguish your establishment from others in the neighborhood. Epoxy floors can be branded to integrate your corporate colors and patterns. It also takes a short time to install and can perfectly coat any concrete surface. At ATX Epoxy Flooring, we strive to offer the best quality epoxy solutions that will transform your floors into magnificent spaces guests love.

  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Kitchen
  • Washrooms
  • Entrances and Extended Patios
  • Hotel Rooms and Lounges
  • Outdoor Shades and Decks

Epoxy floors are durable, seamless, easy to clean, spill resistant, anti-slip and very attractive. You can choose from a wide range of options including different colors, patterns and designs. Installing commercial epoxy flooring will not only improve the beauty and functionality of your restaurant, but also meets all compliance requirements. Epoxy coats and protects your concrete slab, and doesn't absorb liquids and stains like concrete. You can easily wipe off dirt and liquid spills from epoxy floors making it ideal for bar, restaurant and kitchen environments. What’s more, epoxy is one of the low maintenance flooring that will last several years with minimal upkeep.

We offer professional insights that can help you get the best from your epoxy flooring solutions. Contact us today for any inquiries or for a free site assessment. Whether you run a mega-franchise or small bed and breakfast, we will have the ideal epoxy flooring solution for your unique needs.

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