Zilker Botanical Garden

Austin, Texas’ Zilker Botanical Garden is a gorgeous park filled with many different types of plants and flowers. It has been the centerpiece of Austin since it opened in 1918. The garden was donated to the city by Mr. J.J. Zilker, who wanted it to be an oasis for people living in the fast-paced world around them. He had originally conceived the idea after visiting gardens in his home country of Germany. 

Today, the park is one of Austin, Texas’ most popular attractions. It has been featured in numerous publications and documentaries as a top place to visit when visiting Texas' capital city. The garden covers over 295 acres with ten different gardens featuring more than 20,000 plants from around the world.  

The different types of plants in the garden

Strawberry Trees- these flowering trees bloom in spring with white blossoms and bright red berries.

Dwarf Japanese Garden- this tiny garden is modeled after a traditional Japanese setting. It has three distinct areas: the dry, mossy forest; lanterns over stepping stones; and a large koi pond surrounded by miniature pagodas.

Peach Tree Garden- these flowering trees bloom during the end of spring and early summer. They are similar to cherry blossoms but have a distinctive peach fragrance.

Perennials- this area features plants that grow year after year, some for as long as 100 years! This is one place where you can see blooms in all seasons.

Waterlilies- the largest collection of these plants in central Texas can be found at Zilker Botanical Garden.


Several events are hosted at Zilker Botanical Garden to help raise money for the garden. The most notable event is the annual Austin City Limits Music Festival, which attracts thousands of music lovers every fall for a weekend-long celebration of the best in music. The festival has been going on for more than 40 years, and it is one of the best ways to see Zilker Botanical Garden.

The garden also offers several different classes every year that help teach about gardening and plants in general. One popular class allows kids to create their plant at springtime so they can watch as it grows and becomes a part of the garden.

The Austin community has long been proud of Zilker Botanical Garden, as it is one of the largest green spaces within city limits. It helps provide recreation for those living in nearby apartments while also helping to educate visitors from all around about plants from different parts of the world. There's truly something for everyone to enjoy here.

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