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Epoxy floor coating is a unique yet very stylish floor material that has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. It is a very strong and stain-resistant flooring material, perfect for any home or business property. If you’re looking for high-quality epoxy flooring installation, then you’ve come to the right place at Epoxy Pflugerville, TX.

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It is normal to research and compare various flooring services in Texas which also happens to be one of the most competitive places when it comes to epoxy floor services. One of the top epoxy floor coating providers in Texas is Epoxy Pflugerville TX. Even though there are plenty of options available, a lot of customers still come to us. This is because here at Epoxy Pfleugerville TX, we value our customer’s experience and time above all else.

Our company always ensures that our deadlines are met while not sacrificing the quality of our products. We also follow up to ensure that our clients are satisfied. Here at Epoxy Floors Pflugerville, our team of experts is equipped with the needed knowledge and the best technology the industry has to offer.

If you’re looking for high-quality, very beautiful, and durable epoxy floor coating, then you don’t have to search any further. Epoxy Flooring Pflugerville can do a great job with all the solutions you need. Contact us now so we can help you achieve your dream home/business property and fulfill your need.

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Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

There are plenty of benefits an epoxy floor coating can provide for both residential and commercial properties. Here are just some of them.

Affordable Price

From your garage floor to your kitchen to bathroom to entry way, consider epoxy for your next home renovation job. We're able to offer a number of decorative finishes like metallic or reflective looks that are durable, easy to maintain, and look great. Your satisfaction is our number one goal and we'll walk you through the process step by step to ensure you know what to expect in every phase of the job.

commercial kitchen with industrial grade equipment and epoxy flooring
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Makes Floors Smooth and Easy to Clean

Never have to struggle cleaning your floors or surfaces again with epoxy floor coating. Any solid floor that is properly coated with epoxy will make cleaning a breeze. It is very stain-resistant, meaning stains and dust can be wiped off with ease. This is why epoxy floor coating is very ideal for commercial or industrial buildings, where there is plenty of cleaning to be done. Additionally, it makes the solid floor even more durable. Perfect for floors with plenty of foot traffic.

Epoxy Pflugerville TX offers to maintain your new epoxy coating whenever you need us to. Call us now to get a free estimate!

Creates Beautifully Designed Floors and Surfaces

Besides being used primarily in commercial or industrial properties such as hospitals, garages, factories, etc. Epoxy floor coating is also becoming popular in residential properties. This is because epoxy floor coatings are very easy to customize to your tastes. You can request beautiful patterns and designs to be added directly to the epoxy flooring. You can add swirls, patterns, and different patterns to your super durable epoxy flooring.

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Residential Epoxy

If you’re wondering whether epoxy flooring is safe for residential properties, the answer is yes. It is a very safe coating to coat your hard floors. Epoxy flooring is slip-resistant, less abrasive, and more shock-resistant compared to concrete and other types of flooring. Plenty of homeowners opt to have epoxy floor coating in their bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, etc. It is the perfect addition to any home improvement project.

If you live in Austin, you can contact Epoxy Floors Pflugerville TX. We can install epoxy on the concrete floors of your home.

Metallic Epoxy

One of the most demanded residential flooring products these days is the Metallic Epoxy flooring solution. It has become so popular because of its “Wow” factor. It is very beautiful and eye-catching whenever you see it. Metallic epoxy is not only beautiful to look at; nothing can top its durability too, easily lasting 10 to 20 years with minimal maintenance.

A room with a high-gloss, dark epoxy floor reflecting the windows and creating a mirror-like finish.
epoxy garage floor texas

Garage Epoxy

Another popular setting for epoxy flooring is one’s garage. Plenty of heavy-duty work is done in the garage; this is why you’re going to want a very durable concrete coating. Garage epoxy flooring will ensure that your hard floors are pleasing to look at while staying shocked resistant. Our professionals at Epoxy Pflugerville TX can help you finish your garage projects with a beautiful epoxy surface. If you’re in the Austin area or a nearby location, call us now and we can provide a free estimate.

Commercial Epoxy

Commercial epoxy flooring is also a huge demand due to its high resistance to heavy chemicals. Commercial concrete coatings such as metallic epoxy is a great option for commercial properties that deal with plenty of stains and other corrosive materials. Commercial laboratories, kitchens, and warehouses can benefit the most from commercial epoxy.

If you have commercial properties in Austin, TX, then call Epoxy Pflugerville TX today so that we can send a professional to survey your property and provide a free quote.

commercial epoxy car wash garage
Industrial warehouse with vibrant turquoise epoxy flooring, stacks of supplies on pallets, and graffiti art on the back wall.

Industrial Epoxy

Concrete is naturally porous, meaning that it absorbs various liquids that make contact with it. An epoxy coating can help protect floors from corrosions caused by heavy chemicals and acids found in various industrial properties. Epoxy flooring is also very shock-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about heavy objects falling on them. Finally, epoxy flooring is very easy to clean. Spillage, dust, and dirt can easily be wiped off.

Call Epoxy Pflugerville TX now to get all your epoxy floor coating services.

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