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What Factors Determine Whether an Industrial Epoxy Flooring is Right for Your Facility

An epoxy floor coating is perfect for industrial facilities because they provide a durable, slip-resistant surface that is easy to clean. With so many industrial epoxy floor manufacturers on the market today, it can be difficult to decide which one will be right for your facility.  

To help you make an informed decision about industrial epoxy floor coating, we've put together this list of factors you should consider before making your final selection:  

How do you choose the right epoxy coating for your business environment?

Be sure to consider the industrial epoxy flooring’s most important characteristics: solids content, wear resistance, and chemical resistance. These factors determine whether industrial epoxy floor coatings are right for your facility. 

Solids Content: It's important to choose industrial epoxy with the right solids content. A high-solids industrial epoxy coating will have a longer life cycle and provide more wear resistance and chemical, oil, and water resistance. 

Wear Resistance: The second characteristic to consider is the industrial epoxy flooring’s wear and abrasion resistance. This is a measure of the industrial epoxy coating durability, affecting how often you need to repaint industrial epoxy flooring. 

Chemical Resistance: The industrial epoxy’s chemical resistance is also an important factor to consider when choosing heavy-duty industrial epoxy flooring. In industrial settings, chemicals are inevitable, and the industrial epoxy you choose must be able to withstand chemical exposure from acids, industrial cleaners, paint strippers, and other harmful chemicals. 

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Tips on how to maintain your new epoxy flooring

Avoid using industrial chemicals on the floor. These might include paint remover, industrial cleaners, and some solvents. While these products may seem harmless enough to use at first, they can damage your epoxy coating if used regularly or excessively. Furthermore, never pour industrial liquids into a drain as this could cause severe problems such as flooding inside the facility. 

If industrial chemicals are required for work processes, be sure to protect the floor by placing down industrial-grade plastic sheeting or paint drop cloths before using any chemical products on the factory floor. These will prevent spills from occurring and also preserve your coating's durability. You can purchase these at many hardware stores if you need them. 

Avoid tracking dirt and industrial materials into the factory. Keep entryways clean by sweeping or using a commercial floor sweeper. Use protective mats to help keep industrial particles from being tracked onto your epoxy coating. 

Ensure all employees' work boots are completely free of mud before entering the facility to prevent further abrasions to the industrial epoxy flooring. 

Regularly inspect your industrial floor coating to check for cracks, chips, and other damages that might have occurred from heavy equipment or pedestrian traffic. If you do find any damage on the surface, be sure to touch it up with commercial-grade industrial paint as soon as possible to prevent corrosion of steel beams underneath the industrial epoxy coating. Damaged areas will also need to be cleaned thoroughly before repairs can take place. 

Maintain proper humidity levels inside your facility to prevent moisture damage and pitting of industrial epoxy flooring surfaces. Humidity should ideally be kept between 40% and 60%. Lowered humidity levels could cause white etching to appear on industrial epoxy floors. 

Keep industrial air conditioning in working order by having it inspected regularly and maintained as needed. If industrial AC units are not properly working, this could lead to increased humidity levels within the facility and potential pitting of industrial epoxy flooring surfaces.  


Industrial epoxy flooring is a great option for your business because it provides all of the benefits you need. You can expect fewer accidents, fewer injuries, and better overall health in the workplace when industrial epoxy floors are installed.  

In addition, employees will spend more time at their workstations with industrial epoxy floors. It’s not only good for them but also saves on labor costs associated with moving equipment around or additional staff members being hired due to injury prevention efforts.  

If you want a safer environment and healthier workers who get more done while they're working, then industrial epoxy flooring is what you need! Contact ATX Epoxy Floorings today to learn more about how to help make this happen for your industrial facility.