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Why Epoxy Floors are Better than Concrete for Airport Hangars

As airports worldwide are getting more and more crowded, airport managers have been searching for ways to squeeze in as many planes as possible. One way they've found is by building hangars on top of one another. This means that some airport hangar floors need to stand up to a lot of weight! That's where epoxy floor coatings come in handy. Epoxy is a strong material that can withstand a lot of pressure from heavy machinery and vehicles driving across it day after day, so it's perfect for an airport hangar floor. And the best part? It costs less than concrete and is long-lasting. 

The rest of this blog post will be about why epoxy flooring is better than concrete for Texas airport hangars. Read on!  

What are epoxy floor coatings?

Epoxy is a resin that hardens when mixed with chemicals. It can be used on floors to create waterproof, chemical-resistant surfaces for large garages and hangers. These surfaces are usually made up of two layers, one of epoxy resin and the other of aggregate material.  

Hangar epoxy floor coatings are designed not only to protect concrete from spills or leaks but must also adhere well to the existing surface so as not to allow harmful chemicals or liquids (such as fuel) through to the ground below.

What is concrete flooring?

Hangar concrete flooring is the material used to create or restore the surface of an airport hangar. Concrete is often used in construction, but epoxy is becoming increasingly popular for its durability and ease of installation.  

Concrete has become the most widely used building material due to its low cost compared to other materials like steel, durability, and countless other benefits. Concrete has been around for centuries and was first recorded about 5,000 years ago when Babylonians used it to build walls for their temples. Now, concrete is still being used and improved upon; scientists improved on Caesar's method by adding aggregate (materials that make cement), which made the concrete stronger.   

Scientists have recently created self-healing concrete that can "regenerate" itself using a liquid form of nano-reinforcement to fill in cracks and fissures.   

Epoxy floor coating is more durable than concrete

Concrete flooring solutions have been used for years in buildings, warehouses, and airports to hold heavy loads of equipment and material. But it is prone to damage if not protected by an epoxy coating. This coating is often referred to as a sweeping coat because it provides a smooth surface that sheds water quickly. It also protects against gas, oil, and other chemicals spilled on the floor during daily use.  

Epoxy flooring solutions are better for airport hangars because they protect the hangar from absorbing water which can cause significant damage when mixed with salt leading to corrosion problems, especially on airplanes outside in winter weather conditions. On the other hand, concrete is quick to absorb water, which can cause many problems associated with excess moisture.  

Epoxy floor coating is easier to maintain and clean

Maintaining and cleaning Austin epoxy floors is much cheaper than concrete. Epoxy flooring has a glossy finish that is easy to clean and will last for years without showing wear. Although not as strong as other materials, it can hold heavy planes like 737s and 747s, perfect for airplane hangars where extremely heavy objects are stored. It also provides an excellent surface for painting aircraft since the paint adheres well to its surface compared to bare concrete floors, which would chip off very quickly.   

Epoxy flooring has a lower risk of slipping hazards

When you are working in a San Antonio airport hangar, there must be no slip hazards. Epoxy floors have a lower risk of slipping dangers because they are oil resistant and easy to clean. They also give more traction when workers are working on them.   

The epoxy gives the floor a realistic look. There is no need to do any joint sealing when using quality epoxy floors because it does not absorb water and can't break down over time. These floors come in different colors, so you can pick what color will go with the theme of your hangar.  

Quality epoxy floors provide better soundproofing

Epoxy flooring is the most popular solution for Texas airport hangars due to its noise reduction capabilities. Can you imagine walking into an airport hangar that is built with just concrete? The floor would be extremely loud, and your footsteps would echo throughout the building. This is because the concrete does not absorb sound well and is very reflective. By comparison, an epoxy floor creates a much quieter environment for pilots and passengers by absorbing the sound waves.   

Epoxy floors require low maintenance

Concrete pavements require regular maintenance, whereas epoxy floors do not need repair or resurfacing for many years. Concrete pavement would have to be replaced entirely after twenty-five years compared to the thirty-year-plus lifespan of an epoxy floor. Quality epoxy is better because it causes fewer problems and needs no maintenance compared to asphalt.  

A quality epoxy floor is cheaper

It may cost $3.5 million for a concrete runway in some areas, while the same area might only cost $1 million total for an epoxy coating job. Overall, epoxy services are 32% cheaper than concrete solutions.  

An epoxy coat is made to be highly durable, long-lasting, and can withstand high amounts of traffic. They are resistant to acids and other chemicals that might be present on military or commercial aircraft, which gives an advantage over concrete when used as a runway or taxiway.   

On the other hand, concrete pavement is not compatible with all aircraft and must be constantly striped to create a cross-runway so that pilots can land in any direction depending on the wind direction. This means more personnel are required to perform this maintenance, which raises costs.  

Epoxy services are more environmentally friendly. The holes needed for simple utility wiring or piping do not need to be dug or filled, making it more efficient for construction crews.  

Although a concrete floor may seem like the better choice on the surface, epoxy floors provide many benefits over asphalt, making them more ideal as a runway or taxiway for an airport hangar.  


Epoxy floors are better for airport hangars than bare concrete because they offer durability. They have a higher resistance to chemicals, oil, gas, and water infiltration. They are easy to clean with just soap and water.   

The surface is also non-porous, which means that it doesn't absorb anything, so you don't need to worry about any spills or leaks seeping into the flooring material below. This makes them less expensive in the long run since maintenance costs are lower too!   

Epoxy flooring for your airport hangar? You betcha! ATX Epoxy Floorings can help you find the perfect solution. Our experts are here to answer any questions and offer their expertise so that you can get what best meets your needs. Whether it's a new epoxy floor, resurfacing an existing one, or repairing damage caused by water, we have something that will work for you.   

We also provide warranties on our products if they need repair in the future due to normal wear and tear like scratches from forklifts. If all of this sounds good but overwhelming at the same time, please let us know; we would be happy to walk through everything with you over the phone or via email before starting any job. 

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